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Access better health from the comfort of your home.

Polln is Australia’s first digital healthcare platform committed to delivering personalised alternative therapies to patients across the country.

Current stigma and misinformation surrounding plant-based prescriptions and supplements can make it difficult for Australians to access reliable, complementary medicines that can make a real difference to your health or existing treatment plan.

Polln works by removing these barriers and providing a platform that delivers online consultations, tailored prescriptions and product delivery services straight to you, wherever you are.

How Polln Works

Polln brings alternative medical solutions directly to you via a flexible all-in-one online platform.

Private consultations, tailored prescriptions and product delivery on your terms.

Online Consultation
Book your consultation with one of our highly qualified doctors.
Hassle-Free Prescription
Receive a prescription and treatment plan tailored to your needs.
Direct Delivery
Have your products discreetly delivered to your doorstep.
Plant-Based Prescriptions

Natural Therapies Prescribed by Real, Australian Doctors.

At Polln, our number one priority is ensuring you receive the highest standards of care, as well as the highest quality plant-based medicines. Our fully integrated, government-approved processes allow us to submit prescription applications on your behalf, streamlining your access to alternative therapies, giving you more freedom in your journey towards better health.

All of our qualified doctors and allied health professionals are specialists in integrative health solutions, and are dedicated to building a treatment plan that works for you – free of judgement and confusion.

From Polln to Patient

Complementary Medicines Delivered to Your Doorstep.

Polln takes the guesswork out of plant-based prescription medicine and complementary supplements by partnering with pharmacies to fill your prescription or order before delivering it to your doorstep. Simple, safe and always discreet. Our platform ensures you always have the highest quality of care and reliable dispensary services at your fingertips.

Considering Alternative Therapies?

Clinical studies have shown that plant-based medicines may be an effective treatment for a range of chronic conditions. Always consult a healthcare professional before considering if alternative therapies are right for you.

Chronic Pain
Chronic Insomnia
Neuropathic Pain
Multiple Sclerosis

Why Polln

Polln’s online holistic health platform is helping Australians regain control over their lives and wellbeing.

  • We're taking the guesswork out of plant-based prescriptions with a telehealth platform that adapts to your lifestyle, so that you can focus on what's important to you.
  • Polln’s patient-centric platform is an industry first - manage your bookings, prescriptions and deliveries in your bespoke, easy to use patient dashboard.
  • Our online community of healthcare professionals are committed to improving patient knowledge of and access to natural remedies, all while reducing the stigma these medicines face.
  • Our qualified doctors and allied health professionals are dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of care and personalised service – just like you’d get with your regular GP.